Vikings season 3 Episode 1 “Mercenary”

Vikings season 3 Episode 1 “Mercenary”

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When all my top TV Series had come to an end with its recent season, it was time I looked at another one as I awaited their return. But, The Vikings series blew out with whole new level of adversity to the ongoing TV series with its debut. With the History Channel going down on its TRP (Except for Swamp people and Pawn Stars) Vikings brought back the entertaining history of the channel with its very own historical elements of Odin and Christianity.

The return of the mystical show with season 3 fulfilled its expectation with its first eye on Lagertha’s unfortunate destiny, seemingly foretold by the sheer. On the other side Ragnor, as quoted “When the Ice finally breaks, we will go back to Wessex and claim the land that king Ekbert promised us” alongside Bjorn awaits to make his travel to the land beyond the seas.

With the rising tension between the Pagon and Christians, we might as well know by now, the war will eventually break out again due to the difference of culture.   Athelstan on the other hand, has been reborn to love and believe both the Norse god and Christianity. But, the series as of now digs into the story to venture Ragnor and Rollo’s journey as the Viking warrior set off to face Kwenthrith’s uncle and her beloved brother whereas Lagertha’s differences lie within her relationship with King Ekbert in the land of Wessex.

Back in the home of Lagertha, Power seems to be slipping over to the wrong side of men in betrayal, blinded by fame. As the primary characters in the show, consent to the gods to find their answer. Episode one fires up the season, with a warning of death amongst the Vikings.


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