Universityissue 8th Edition

Universityissue 8th Edition

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The 9th Edition of Universityissue, It’s been a long ride for the team. Considering this leap step to be an entry into the mainstream media, we expect people to look into our motives and Idealogy. The ethics, the errors and the allegations, I could go on. But, this issue represents the magazine’s Ideology. “To Voice your Ideas’, the cover page showcases a young start-up fashion blogger with the talent to be something more, something better. It made me realize the flaws of a mainstream media.

Shinning the limelight on only the lucky few, presenting a good non descriptive review when the movie had many flaws of its own.

What is #heforshe? Feminism at its best? No, #heforshe symbolises an empowerment, an act many of us fail to understand alike to my anonymous friend “I think women have had enough empowerment” he said, in a crowded environment. I can never blame an individual unless he or she knows what they are fighting for, if the mass population blames the relationship of an athlete for his underperformance, that’s abysmal.

We may be entering a new dawn of mainstream media. But, I can promise my viewers our Ideologies still remain and always will as a ‘Start-up’

I hope you enjoy this edition.

Until Next Issue,
Karthik Prasad, Editor-in-chief





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