The Release of UIM 5th Edition(The 21st Centuries tactics in selling or...

The Release of UIM 5th Edition(The 21st Centuries tactics in selling or advertising a Product that we all should know)

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Hello Readers,

Welcome Back!

This is the 5th Edition of UIM

Sepetember Edition

In a Span of 5 months, I have been divulged to many news agencies. As fascinating as it may sound, I wasn’t proud about the fact that I was exposed to. But, later I was intimated to find out and reveal the truth about the current generation’s Product Selling/Advertising Formula.

When I was disclosed to the confidential formula, I couldn’t accept the rather undeniable truth that was standing Right in front of me. The best way I could put it in words were in this journalistic description.

The New Era’s Selling Formula: – Nudity+ Sex Facts=More sales and viewership in Magazine

Yes, that is as non-vulgar as I can get. Although unfortunately, I would not be able to provide raw evidence (though I have them, I wouldn’t want to face legal charges by divulging the details).But, my mocking skills are enough for this month to reveal few of the culprits.

Being a fitness and a tech freak myself it didn’t take me long to understand the formula (there was no need for Sherlock to intervene). A Magazine whose true intentions are to provide you news and information on health has decided to lie on one side of the cushion. (Confused?).

Sex Advice and Sex Facts= How to Last Longer or why aren’t you able to satisfy her?

Bodybuilding= 6 Moves for a Bikini Body/ Summer 6 pack.

When the world is busy enjoying the decades biggest sensational leak (Celebrity nude pictures and scandalous Leak through iCloud) GQ Decides to do a Nude Photo shoot of Kim Kardashian and award her the Man of the year.

A Magazine whose true motive is to update its audience on recent gadgets and Science shows a hot Victoria Secret model in an office attire wearing Google glasses.
Although I wouldn’t say the Tactics used by the above publications are wrong(it’s quite intelligent of them). But, I would say it is rather foolish of us to be persuaded by these pictures rather than content in the magazine (though we say a picture speaks a thousand words).

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