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Check out the new superman in earth one as we witness the young boy put on the cape that changes his destiny forever.
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The magic of Steven Spielberg has finally been carried on by Colin Trevorrow in the blockbuster movie, Jurassic World.  From a park to a world, that escalated really well. Although the fans expected the movie to be a letdown due to our presumptions in terms of pathetic VFS, fortunately, Indominus Rex’sHavoc into the island was able to prove us all wrong.

Starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkinsand Irfan Khan is a movie that sets off on an island that is now known as ‘Jurassic World’. Simon Masrani(Irfan Khan),the eighth richest man in the world and also the billionaire who has taken on the legacy of John Hammond turns out to be a character who is quite good with a weird accent. The second person up to take on the task is none other than Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) a single woman who has set her mind towards convincing the investors to fund the theme park and also ready to run in heels during the havoc. Owen (Chris Pratt) the charming man, who trains, feeds and imprints on velociraptor. Coming to the plot, starting up a theme park seems to be a no man’s job and letting the dinosaur (Correction- A dinosaur) run free amok is a common mistake that could happen to anybody. But this time, it’s something worse than a T-rex, hence say hello to Indominus Rex.

Created by lab supremo Dr Henry Wu (BD Wong) is a vicarious monster that strategically analyzes its preys moments and has the ability to go camouflage. Not to forget, its altered DNA is part velociraptor.

The movie is basically a rip off, of Jurassic Park with its character portrayals, but the action sequences takes on a journey like none before. Adding to that, Owen’s (Chris Pratt) role in the movie tags along Claire( Bryce Dallas Howard) A Shabby boywhose the Alpha of velociraptor(watch the movie) and a girl ready to get her hands dirty (trying to save her sister’s kid, of course.)

To sum up, the characters in the movie have perfectly synced with the plot, making it an action-packed violence that’s suitable for a U/A.

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The world of comics is certainly governed by its own form of aesthetics and appreciation when it comes to the storyline. Of course, Marvel has won the battle against DC with its upcoming movie line-ups. But DC has truly shown who still owns the comic realm and ‘Injustice: Gods Among us’ is one of the best alternate storylines to start with.

If you’re a fan of DC you would expect things to start off in a blink of an eye, and so it did in the first volume of Injustice: GAU. The man of steel hears “the sound of two heartbeats coming from one person” Superman finally becomes a father, and yes it is Lois. Now that’s something to rejoice on, especially if the Dark Knight is in town. Tom Taylor’s (writer) style of portrayal towards superman’s fall to the dark side is one of the best you can come across in the current comics. We all know Superman and Batman are the only superheroes capable of bringing down the whole world in the DC realm. But the question is who is more sensitive towards the loss of a loved one?

The story starts off as Joker manages to kill Lois through the hands of Superman himself, by exposing him to the fear toxin developed by the scarecrow. Moreover, the destruction of Metropolis by Joker takes away everything Superman once loved and cared for. What would a man capable of moving faster than a bullet and lift anything that weighs as much as planet Earth do? Punch a hole through Joker’s heart.

Before we even reach the anti-climax of volume 1 we get to witness a new world order by Superman. No more rebel war, no more death of the innocent, no more prison to the evil. As we reach the end, Batman forms his own allies back on earth to bring down Superman’s law over planet earth.

Does batman succeed? Find out for yourself.

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Innovative companies like Google, Facebook and Apple established their empire in the digital realm like none before. Movies like “The Social Network” and “Jobs” gave us a glimpse of Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs journey towards their brand. But what about Google? Of course, there have been documentaries on Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s life with Google, but yet again, Google wasn’t a brand built in one day, there were indeed many innovationist and enthusiasts like Eric Schmidt (Google CEO from 2001 to 2011) and Jonathan Rosenberg (Advisor of Google CEO Larry Page) who helped Google grow along the years.

The book, ‘How Google Works’ takes us on the journey of a search engine created by computer scientists, which now controls the converging media culture. Google has always been considered to be a successful brand for its breakthrough in technology. But unlike many companies, the book written by the founding fathers, explains to us how its first headquarter was nothing but a garage.

Garage? Well, every start-up has a story worth sharing. The book aspires to share the story of Google as a family that struggled its way across the growing phase. Building a brand requires many perks; trial and error was one of them. Facebook and Apple may have been the creation of one alpha mastermind. But, what happened to Apple after the unfortunate death of Jobs? Its ideology of a phone fitting in the palm of a hand was shattered in the nextgen model. Why did it happen? It never had a herd of smart creatives.


Who are smart creatives? “Smart creatives are independent thinkers who love making something better”. Fortunately, Google is filled with many of them. In a world of smart creatives, how does an entrepreneur plan to lead them to build a brand? How do you plan to hire a student who just sold a mobile app worth $3 billion? (Hypothetical) The book would indeed put you in a dilemma as you the face grim reality of the current start-ups. But to quote something from the book itself. “As someone launching a new venture (or reinventing an established one), you are signing for long days, sleepless nights, and maybe some missed birthday parties. You will hire people who need to believe in you and your idea enough to be willing to make the same sacrifices. To do all this, you have to be crazy enough to think you will succeed, but sane enough to make it happen. This requires commitment, tenacity, and most of all, single-mindedness. When Israeli tank commanders head into combat, they don’t yell “charge!” Rather, they rally their troops by shouting “Ah’cha’rye,” which translates from Hebrew as “Follow me.” Anyone who aspires to lead smart creatives needs to adopt this attitude”.

Google grew on trail and errors. The software’s like Gmail, Gtalk and Adwords were furnished by smart creatives which turned out to be the most used software’s by people across the world. But, it also faced setbacks in gadgets like Google glass. Did the company sulk due to their failure? No, instead the smart creatives created a meme generating software, and the victims were none other than Eric and Google glass.

How Google Works, helps the reader understand the difficulties of establishing an innovative company that has an ideology that states “Don’t be evil”, the book is a must read to every start-up aspiring to be the next Google or maybe the first brand in a new category.

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When you first sit down to read The Luminaries most probably you intend to read the first 50 or 60 pages to understand its setting and pace, then finish your chores and continue reading the book later. This may seem very probable at first, but later you find yourself thinking just a few more pages and then get down to do the chores. Whether it is an assignment to complete, time for your favourite show on TV or to a movie you promised to go with your friend, no matter how important the task at hand is you will find yourself reading a few more pages when you need to stop. This book is simply unputdownable.

This humongous book of 832 pages is Eleanor Catton’s second book for which she won the Man Booker Prize in 2013. With this book she claimed the title as the youngest author to win The Booker Prize.

The Luminaries, set in the gold rush of New Zealand of 1886 begins with Walter Moody arriving in Hokitika to make a fortune upon New Zealand goldfields. Bracing against the harsh weather of New Zealand, Mr. Moody rushes to his hotel there stumbling across a private gathering of twelve men of very surprisingly varied backgrounds. They have gathered in secret to discuss the events of 14th January (two weeks prior to that day) which until now were believed to be mere coincidences. A hermit in possession of huge fortune unknown to anyone died, a whore survived after committing suicide and a rich man has vanished. Quoting Sherlock Holmes “But is it coincidence? Are there not subtle forces at work of which we know little? ”.

As each of these twelve men recount the discoveries they made on that very day about the incidents, the mystery becomes clearer. There are many clues strewn across the whole book connecting the unfortunate incidents making it more mysterious and unraveling at the same time and that is what grips you till the end. Apart from unraveling the mystery, the book also explores the lives and personality of these men, everything from their histories to their morals and preferences in women. It accurately renders the gold rush of the 19th century of New Zealand, the whole thing from hotels to diggers’ tents.

Many have found reading this book a challenge for its size and gripping tale. Wanting to get to the end of the book to untangle the mystery, but the humongous size keeps you from achieving this early.