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Taking your dog for a walk can be frustrating at times, especially when your dog doesn’t wants to and it’s a 11 month old kid trying to.

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When a baby utters its first word ‘mama’, that’s a fruitful memory to remember by forever. But, when a dog does it, you’re going to have to record it and probably make sure it makes to the internet.

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“Today I show you how to break a brick in half using just one hand. This karate brick breaking punch stunt is way easier than it looks! If you know the correct technique you’ll successfully be able to do it in seconds without hurting yourself! however you will have to purchase a new Oven & Microwave. Once you’ve practised for a while you’ll be able to break up to 20 bricks at the same time! Simply follow the step by step instructions carefully & you’ll be able to break bricks with your hands like a pro!”

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Bud light recently attracted a mass negative reaction from the media after it’s offensive slogan “THE PERFECT BEER FOR REMOVING “NO” FROM YOUR VOCABULARY FOR THE NIGHT”. while we already know why the slogan seems offensive, John Oliver gives us a long line of errors the brand has constantly been attacking its audience with (Including the five level of reviews the product went through, before reaching the market)

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April fools day cannot go on without a classic prank. ‘Lookout there’s a cockroach on you’, hey man, ‘there’s a dollar next to you’. These lines seem to be pretty old and lame. How about coming up with a master plan that would indeed make your whole day a fools day. Might even get you killed!

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Peter Jackson’s Hobbit Trilogy finally turned out to be an awful joke compared to the LOTR series. The disappointments faced by the fans were surely unexpected but, some of the fans weren’t able to identify the face palm traits the movie put upon us. Fortunately,  Screen Junkies are here the rescue with their Honest trailer.

Watch the trailer down below and try not to cry


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Getting into a verbal fight with you mother can turn out to be annoying or maybe even embarrassing sometimes. Especially when you’re in a supermarket .but, things don’t just end there with our “dude” disrespecting his own mother in a supermarket.

What happens later is shockingly a exclusive footage that you must watch down below

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The Brits award 2015 turned out to be one heck of a performance, adding the awkward fall off stage by Pop star Madonna. Sources have confirmed that the singer was alright after the fall but, looking at the video, we can confirm the fall was indeed due to wardrobe malfunction.

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