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Are you someone who looks forward to beer tasting as a gastronomic dare? Then there is a perfect opportunity for you, couple of beer bottles aged for over 170 years are discovered in Finland. Divers found two bottles with a mix of beer and champagne in a wreckage off the coast of Finland in 2010.

Unluckily, the alcohol cannot be tasted by human tongues in the original form because the high levels of acidity made it extremely sour. Conversely, the chemists at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland found out what it tasted like when it was consumable.

According to io9, they gave the olden wine to an expert named Ella Grussner Cromwell-Morgan, who gave this review.

“Despite the fact that it was so amazingly old, there was a freshness to the wine. It wasn’t debilitated in any way. Rather, it had a clear acidity which reinforced the sweetness. Finally, a very clear taste of having been stored in oak casks.”

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On the other hand, this is how the chemists at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland described the smell of the sour beer.

“Bubbles of gas, presumably CO2, formed during sampling, producing a light foam. Both beers were bright golden yellow, with little haze. Both beers smelt of autolyzed yeast, dimethyl sulfide, Bakelite, burnt rubber, over-ripe cheese, and goat, with phenolic and sulfury notes.”

The intrepid scientists devoted to taking a nip suggested that possibly the seawater had introduced some salt into the mix. Using modern chemistry, they were able to separate out the individual compounds to discover what the old beer bottles originally contained. Apparently, rose, sweet apples, and green tea-flavored beer was all the vogue almost 200 years ago, but they also noted one large difference from modern beer. And that was it’s sourness level, which is way higher than that in the beers currently.