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Ra’s al Ghul’s offer to Oliver Queen in the recent episode of Arrow stirred up a lot of conversation among the fan, some accusing the plot to be “Rip off Batman”. But, none the less, we have an accurate explanation to the fans about the offer including a special spoiler bonus that comes along. Wait for it, The Identity of Arrow will be revealed two primary characters in the show.

First to start off, Ra’s al Ghul true intentions towards Oliver queen taking up the role of future Ra’s is due to the saying as it goes ““legend has it that the man who survives Ra’s’ blade will become Ra’s Al Ghul.” Back to the secret Identity, as told by comicbookmovie, “The Hollywood Reporter were on hand for Arrow‘s Paleyfest panel today, and they’ve revealed that a sizzle reel shown confirmed that both Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) and Captain Lance (Paul Blackthorne) will discover that The Arrow is in fact Oliver Queen”.

Although Oliver has been given a offer of a lifetime and indeed one that is more of a demand than a offer, we might as well know it by now, that the answer will be a no and the repercussion will indeed again lead to the most awaited battle in the show. The undefeated Ra’s al Ghul vs. Arrow


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