Seventh son Movie Review

Seventh son Movie Review

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Seventh son, one of the most awaited movie in the year 2015 turned out to be a utter disappointment due to it’s  exaggeration of a 40 minute episodic storyline into a 120 minute of poorly scripted dramatic adventure of Master Gregory, seventh son of a seventh son (Played by Jeff Bridges) and Tom Ward,(Ben Barnes). Travel to face the once feared Mother Malkin (Played by Julianne Moore), who has returned.

As excited as I was, to witness Jeff Bridges, The Dude in action and Julianne Moore’s never aging looks in the movie. It sort of reminded me of Eragon. A tedious fantasy plot (comparison to eragon) with the likes of the two best celebrities starring in the movie, the rating evidently confirm that it is indeed a kid’s fantasy movie (PG-13)


Witch stories like Van Helsing may have fascinated us, but mother malkin and her henchmen/sisters just seem to be a repetitive rip off plot from various fantasy story. Whereas with John Gregory, the story centres upon the characters affair with Malkin herself, the frightening witch, who was once the love of Gregory himself.

Lastly, the young farmer’s son, Thomas Ward. The Appetence of Gregory who apparently falls into the pit of karma. Falling in love with the witches sibling daughter, Alice.

The adaptive storyline gave me yawns instead of the exciting adventurous action I went in seek off.  But, fortunately Watching Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore in action brought back the little charisma the movie could have never had.


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