How Old Are You?

How Old Are You?

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“By the side of 40 what do you anticipate me to accomplish?” How repeatedly do you hear people censuring their age as a factor for their inactivity in life or how often do you give it as a explanation for your indolence. Increasingly, individuals these days make it a point to blame their age for everything that goes off beam in their life. According to an American Research held amongst the working class, 65 percent of them fault their age to be the reason for weight increase. And if you are amid the one who blame your belly fat a foreseeable part of aging then it’s time to quit it.

For example, testosterone and DHEA levels turn down in men, and women’s insulin regulating hormones become less successful. These changes can lessen muscle mass and energy while increasing belly fat and insulin resistance. But there is no basis that you can’t keep yourself fit and according to an ongoing research the age related muscle decline is largely under your control. All that is to be done is to eat healthy and work out so that it improves your hormone balance which in turn improves the metabolism rate. This is just one of the million instances where we blame our age, if I have to list down each and every example the day would be too short for it.

Frequently the opinions of people around us on our age tend to wobble us. Why does it? When you were young you never backed off because of your age. Even then people commented on your age to be a negative factor for your work. Where is that daring and audacious nature of yours today? The cliché ” It’s never too late to start” fits perfectly here.

Life is jam packed with chances until you decide to give up. Age is plainly a number it can never quantify your flair. It can never be given as a rationale for your fragmentary dreams. You are merely as old as you sense , so what matters is what you sense . So next time someone asks you How old are you ?  Just give a smirk and say it doesn’t matter, because it really doesn’t matter.




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