NEO Neurophone Ultrasonic Wearable Tech Prototype – Music for your Skin

NEO Neurophone Ultrasonic Wearable Tech Prototype – Music for your Skin

Dr G Patrick Flanagan NEO prototype

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G Patrick Flanagan revealed the first NEO Neurophone prototype at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, CA on February 7 amongst thousands of his supporters and peers. In the third month of his InDemand Indiegogo campaign to bring the NEO into production, over $800,000 has been raised to bring ultrasonic wearable technology to the world.

Dr. Flanagan explains, “It was exciting to unveil the prototype at LA’s Conscious Life Expo. The NEO was a hit. I explained to the enthused crowd the NEO is being engineered from the ground up from scratch, not using any of the old Neurophone circuits, software or cases.”

A dual engineering team was assigned to construct the device, one for the internal electronics and another for the external NEO case. Flanagan chose his case engineering team based on their previous work done for BMW to ensure the NEO had a proper 21st Century redesign.

Over the span of the Neurophone’s 50 year evolution, wearers around the world have invested in their left/right brain coherence via the device and the campaign has led to a resurgence in new adopters from various communities. Ultrasound offers music to be heard through the skin with the Neurophone, offering new perspectives for musicians while simultaneously prepping the wearer for focus in any endeavor at hand.

Campaign director Ken Sheetz, social media expert of adds, “Capturing people activating another sense of perception in The Neurophone Experience videos has been a profound journey.”

The NEO is set to release in summer of this year and is available for pre-release price on the Indiegogo site now.


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