Movie Review: Babadook

Movie Review: Babadook

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After being hung over with distress on the movie Annabelle, I waited for the next Conjuring –level horrifying movie and there it was. The Babadook, Directed and written by Jennifer Kent is an Australian horror film produced by Kristina Ceyton and Kristian Moliere through a crowd funding website called Kickstarter.

You may wonder the credibility of the movie due its budget sized to a crowd funded investment but the movie certainly gives you the chills you waited for so long from the beginning to the end of the movie.

The plot basically centres upon the lives of a Single mother (Played by Essie Davis as Amelia) and her troubled violent child (Played Noah Wiseman as Smauel). Amelia, who lost her husband in a terrible accident six years ago, still lost in the unfortunate tragedy struggles to take care of the son who believes there’s a monster waiting to kill them.

The Chaotic life of the single parent takes another unfortunate turn when a mysterious book on the shelf enters their lives. Samuel believes the monster in the book was the culprit from his dream trying to kill his mom and himself.  Amelia ignores the troublesome boy’s plea until she witnesses the babadook herself.

The movie amazes the audiences with a wonderful plot backed-up by the Adam’s family environment across the whole movie. The cinematographer fascinates us with the simple but gripping camera angles that make the horror instances unpredictable.

Unlike other horror movies the screenplay makes the movie more realistic when the characters are exposed to the monster. (“When a door opens by itself in the middle of the night with screeching sound none of us are going to want to check it out”), several other instances in the movie gives us the reality towards how an individual would react to an actual monster.

After watching the movie, the babadook will definitely be topping your list in the “top 10 horrifying monsters”

I Rate the movie 8/10


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