Jurassic World Movie Review

Jurassic World Movie Review

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The magic of Steven Spielberg has finally been carried on by Colin Trevorrow in the blockbuster movie, Jurassic World.  From a park to a world, that escalated really well. Although the fans expected the movie to be a letdown due to our presumptions in terms of pathetic VFS, fortunately, Indominus Rex’sHavoc into the island was able to prove us all wrong.

Starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkinsand Irfan Khan is a movie that sets off on an island that is now known as ‘Jurassic World’. Simon Masrani(Irfan Khan),the eighth richest man in the world and also the billionaire who has taken on the legacy of John Hammond turns out to be a character who is quite good with a weird accent. The second person up to take on the task is none other than Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) a single woman who has set her mind towards convincing the investors to fund the theme park and also ready to run in heels during the havoc. Owen (Chris Pratt) the charming man, who trains, feeds and imprints on velociraptor. Coming to the plot, starting up a theme park seems to be a no man’s job and letting the dinosaur (Correction- A dinosaur) run free amok is a common mistake that could happen to anybody. But this time, it’s something worse than a T-rex, hence say hello to Indominus Rex.

Created by lab supremo Dr Henry Wu (BD Wong) is a vicarious monster that strategically analyzes its preys moments and has the ability to go camouflage. Not to forget, its altered DNA is part velociraptor.

The movie is basically a rip off, of Jurassic Park with its character portrayals, but the action sequences takes on a journey like none before. Adding to that, Owen’s (Chris Pratt) role in the movie tags along Claire( Bryce Dallas Howard) A Shabby boywhose the Alpha of velociraptor(watch the movie) and a girl ready to get her hands dirty (trying to save her sister’s kid, of course.)

To sum up, the characters in the movie have perfectly synced with the plot, making it an action-packed violence that’s suitable for a U/A.


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