Injustice: Gods Among us Overview

Injustice: Gods Among us Overview

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The world of comics is certainly governed by its own form of aesthetics and appreciation when it comes to the storyline. Of course, Marvel has won the battle against DC with its upcoming movie line-ups. But DC has truly shown who still owns the comic realm and ‘Injustice: Gods Among us’ is one of the best alternate storylines to start with.

If you’re a fan of DC you would expect things to start off in a blink of an eye, and so it did in the first volume of Injustice: GAU. The man of steel hears “the sound of two heartbeats coming from one person” Superman finally becomes a father, and yes it is Lois. Now that’s something to rejoice on, especially if the Dark Knight is in town. Tom Taylor’s (writer) style of portrayal towards superman’s fall to the dark side is one of the best you can come across in the current comics. We all know Superman and Batman are the only superheroes capable of bringing down the whole world in the DC realm. But the question is who is more sensitive towards the loss of a loved one?

The story starts off as Joker manages to kill Lois through the hands of Superman himself, by exposing him to the fear toxin developed by the scarecrow. Moreover, the destruction of Metropolis by Joker takes away everything Superman once loved and cared for. What would a man capable of moving faster than a bullet and lift anything that weighs as much as planet Earth do? Punch a hole through Joker’s heart.

Before we even reach the anti-climax of volume 1 we get to witness a new world order by Superman. No more rebel war, no more death of the innocent, no more prison to the evil. As we reach the end, Batman forms his own allies back on earth to bring down Superman’s law over planet earth.

Does batman succeed? Find out for yourself.


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