How Google Works Book Review

How Google Works Book Review

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Innovative companies like Google, Facebook and Apple established their empire in the digital realm like none before. Movies like “The Social Network” and “Jobs” gave us a glimpse of Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs journey towards their brand. But what about Google? Of course, there have been documentaries on Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s life with Google, but yet again, Google wasn’t a brand built in one day, there were indeed many innovationist and enthusiasts like Eric Schmidt (Google CEO from 2001 to 2011) and Jonathan Rosenberg (Advisor of Google CEO Larry Page) who helped Google grow along the years.

The book, ‘How Google Works’ takes us on the journey of a search engine created by computer scientists, which now controls the converging media culture. Google has always been considered to be a successful brand for its breakthrough in technology. But unlike many companies, the book written by the founding fathers, explains to us how its first headquarter was nothing but a garage.

Garage? Well, every start-up has a story worth sharing. The book aspires to share the story of Google as a family that struggled its way across the growing phase. Building a brand requires many perks; trial and error was one of them. Facebook and Apple may have been the creation of one alpha mastermind. But, what happened to Apple after the unfortunate death of Jobs? Its ideology of a phone fitting in the palm of a hand was shattered in the nextgen model. Why did it happen? It never had a herd of smart creatives.


Who are smart creatives? “Smart creatives are independent thinkers who love making something better”. Fortunately, Google is filled with many of them. In a world of smart creatives, how does an entrepreneur plan to lead them to build a brand? How do you plan to hire a student who just sold a mobile app worth $3 billion? (Hypothetical) The book would indeed put you in a dilemma as you the face grim reality of the current start-ups. But to quote something from the book itself. “As someone launching a new venture (or reinventing an established one), you are signing for long days, sleepless nights, and maybe some missed birthday parties. You will hire people who need to believe in you and your idea enough to be willing to make the same sacrifices. To do all this, you have to be crazy enough to think you will succeed, but sane enough to make it happen. This requires commitment, tenacity, and most of all, single-mindedness. When Israeli tank commanders head into combat, they don’t yell “charge!” Rather, they rally their troops by shouting “Ah’cha’rye,” which translates from Hebrew as “Follow me.” Anyone who aspires to lead smart creatives needs to adopt this attitude”.

Google grew on trail and errors. The software’s like Gmail, Gtalk and Adwords were furnished by smart creatives which turned out to be the most used software’s by people across the world. But, it also faced setbacks in gadgets like Google glass. Did the company sulk due to their failure? No, instead the smart creatives created a meme generating software, and the victims were none other than Eric and Google glass.

How Google Works, helps the reader understand the difficulties of establishing an innovative company that has an ideology that states “Don’t be evil”, the book is a must read to every start-up aspiring to be the next Google or maybe the first brand in a new category.


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