Hollywood’s Filthy Little Secret

Hollywood’s Filthy Little Secret

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Entertainment industry is solitary a profession which more or less all of us yearn to be in. The glamour and glitz has always appealed to us. It’s apparent that at a certain point in time we all wish to be a fraction of it. Hollywood is yet again the more craving part of this entertainment industry. But it’s not that simple of a job to get a break in Hollywood. Millions arrive with the dream to make it big but hardly any make it to the top. You primarily have to go through the auditioning procedure. But the competition is so much that sometimes actors have to do whatever it takes to get the role. On one end it’s the desperateness to make it big and on the other it’s the superfluous of power which has resulted to the ‘casting couch’ mentality in the media industry. The notion behind ‘casting couch’ is swap of sexual favour for film roles between casting director or producer and the aspiring actor. Although Hollywood executives rebuff the subsistence of ‘casting couch’ some celebrities beg to differ.

The conception of casting couch subsisted from the foundation of the entertainment industry. One of earliest episodes of ‘casting couch’ that Joan Collins allege to have happened with her was way back in 1960’s. She was auditioning for the role of Cleopatra and was the front runner for the part. When she was asked to go to the bed with the head of the studio if she wanted the role. Here is what she had to say when asked about the concept of ‘casting couch’:

“Kick him in the balls and run out of the door that’s what I advise, I have done that. That’s why I didn’t get Cleopatra. Well, I didn’t do it literally. I just refused to go to bed with the head of the studio. I had tested for Cleopatra twice and was the frontrunner. He took me into his office and said, ‘You really want this part?’ And I said, ‘Yes. I really do.’ ‘Well,’ he said, ‘then all you have to do is be nice to me.’ It was a wonderful euphemism in the Sixties for you know what. But I couldn’t do that. In fact, I was rather wimpish, burst into tears and rushed out of his office. So I didn’t kick him in the balls but I should have done.”

It’s miserable that you couldn’t kick him in the balls. Joan Collins is not the only one who alleges of such anti-moral things to have happened to them. There are many in the roll like Megan Fox, Corey Feldman, Jenny McCarthy, Susan Sarandon and the list goes on.

How  far are these claims factual and does ‘casting couch’ really continue living?  is a question that  hasn’t received a definite answer as of now. Many articulate it used to exist, but currently there is nothing as ‘casting couch’. It’s pretty inflexible to believe that there is nothing as casting couch because the number of actors allegedly exposing such dealings have been escalating over the decade. I just anticipate the idea of ‘casting couch’ doesn’t go any further in the entertainment fraternity and the talent gets to go ahead.




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