Furious 7 Review

Furious 7 Review

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furious-7-imax-trailer-1Furious 7 without a doubt touched every one of our hearts with its touching final moments of Paul Walker in the movie. Although the starring actors and actresses portrayed their roles remarkably as we expected, James Wan’s direction turned out to be a disappointment in many ways, which was blindly accepted by the mass audience due to emotional factors put forth in the movie.

The Plot, However plays upon Dominic Toretto’s familia targeted by Deckard Shaw (Played by Jason Statham), a former British black ops gone rogue, currently hunting down the man behind the death of his comatose brother. After the death of (NO SPOILER TO THE CHARACTERS NAME) Toretto gathers the team to hunt down Shaw before they lose another one of their own. As quoted. “Looks like the sins of London have followed us home.”

The movie undoubtedly expresses its gratitude to Paul walker. The dialogues spoken by the characters coincidentally/scripted were making peace with the ‘losing of walker’ by quotes like “One last ride” together. Although this won’t be the end of the great series, the movie tries to portray the classic Reunion of the team for the last time.

Coming to the action sequence, the heist scene in the movie was intensely choreographed to give the audience a good start. Unfortunately, every action sequence in the movie was ruined by Deckard Shaw’s unwelcoming entrance, which although may seem surprising. But, the character irrelevantly interrupts the anti- climax moment during the action sequences.fast-and-furious-7-cast-1

The Villainous Shaw may be depicted as a bada** rogue in the movie. But, technically the character gets his rear whopped by both Luke Hobbs (Played by Dwayne Johnson) and Dominic Toretto (Played by Vin Diesel)

Rolling down to the starring section, Compared to the castings of the pervious sequels, Furious 7 did a great job acquiring some of the best and known personalities in the entertainment industry. Tony Jaa and Rhonda Rousey, unfortunately neither of the new castings were used to the extent the critics expected. The UFC champion Rhonda’s fight against Michelle Rodriguez in the trailer was one of the most expected fights in the movie. But, James Wan’s horror movie style of direction just gave us a glimpse of fists flying around the air thanks to the fast moving cameras. As matter of fact, the same goes to Tony Jaa’s fight with Paul Walker, which we presume was to avoid direct contact of the viewers at “CGI generated Paul” from spoiling the fun.Furious-7-Nathalie-Emmanuel-and-Chris-Ludacris-Bridges

Overall, the movie may have not generated the thrilling action experience we sought for. But, some of the hand-to-hand combats like Luke vs. Shaw and Toretto vs. Shaw were immensely appreciated by the audience of what I saw.  Although the movie was rated R. I wouldn’t say the movie went overboard with graphic content (Sexuality) except for a few bikini moments.

Lastly, the movie wasn’t just for the audience. It was indeed “For Paul”.


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