What if Earth Stopped Rotating For a Second? (Find out now)

What if Earth Stopped Rotating For a Second? (Find out now)

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There are countless questions in terms of the universe we live in that are unanswerable by culture, religion and love. Although these concepts were the fundamentals that helped us survive as a species, it couldn’t answer the impossible. But yet again, The Advancement of our society gave birth to a whole new paradigm, a whole new era of science.

Through time, we implicated the Anatomy of millions of species including us on planet earth. But, What about the physics of the “life bearing planet itself”? Is the planet a life bearer or is it a whole life form itself? Alternate Scientist believe humans can never truly help in the process of development, we eagerly try balance the pool of life or evolution but we tend to fail again and again and evidence speaks for itself. However, Science has taught us that we could always learn although it isn’t possible for us to alter the pool of life.

Today, the video down below will explain us “What would happen if earth stopped rotating for a second?”

Shared by one of the top most scientist in the world. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, who is famously known for demoting the planet Pluto, during his interview with Larry King he answer numerous questions pointed out by fans in twitter

For more information watch the video down below




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