They Changed The World Edison-Tesla-Bell Review

They Changed The World Edison-Tesla-Bell Review

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Edision-tesla-bell? The three people who revolutionised the world we current live in. Well, the author has certainly got the header right! “They changed the world EDISION-TESLA-BELL”. A book that explains the lives of the three greatest innovationists and how eventually their lives cross path in their similarities of ideas, the author (Lewis Helfand) and illustrator (Naresh Kumar) have done a marvellous job in portraying theirs personals lives right out of their biographies! If you are one of those people who wouldn’t want to read 200 pages of Edison’s or tesla’s or bell’s biography then you should be reading this book by now


Their Stories centres upon the very childhood of the characters. Their vision towards life, weaknesses, achievements, loss etc  will finally make us wonder if there can ever be visionary’s like them in the future (Excluding steve jobs and Bill gates). Every scientists and innovationist in the current generation work on the theories and inventions that were perfected by them. They created the impossible. They created the unknown. If it wasn’t for them there wouldn’t have been a telephone or electricity. It makes us wonder doesn’t it?

Every layman must read the book.
Its one of a kind!


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