Arrow Season 3 Episode: Midnight City review

Arrow Season 3 Episode: Midnight City review

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The Arrow series couldn’t get any more interesting as we await the return of Ollie, whereas the Amateur Sidekicks in Starling city are in need of him to face one of the toughest nemesis, Brick. Although the fans expected a much better explanation to the return of Arrow from the dead, Tatsu’s healing techniques seems to be the game changer to recovering a fatal blow to the gut and a fall long enough to shatter every bone in a person’s body.

As Stephen Amell himself told us in an earlier interview, Roy harper as the Arsenal has taken up the bow to protect Starling City in the last two episodes. Surprisingly, the plotline has turned out to be quite exciting and nail biting thanks to the screenplay writers.  Arsenal along with the new black Canary has no choice but to fight for their city, as the authorities bow down to Brick.

On the other side, Maseo and Tatso are having their own backlashes from what? Perhaps, the death of their son, what could have gone wrong? We’ll just have to wait for the flashbacks to update us. Whereas Ollie recovers from the deadly blows, Ra’s al Ghul has already sent his men to confirm the death of Ollie. Although Maseo himself takes out the members of the league of assassin, he is still hell-bent on being loyal to Ra’s for a reason that is yet beyond us.

Back to Starling city, the missing presence of the Arrow has in fact done more good than harm to the show itself. With Arrow out of the picture, the situation has forced the sidekicks to survive in the glades with what little skill they possess. Laurel however, is going through her own difficulties with and without the suit. Whereas there is one superhero in the making in Starling city, The Atom, Ray Pamer’s attempt to complete his suit might just be episodes away as felicity decides to help him, as quoted by the MIT genius “With my help you might not end up dead”

The Arrow’s presence isn’t far away from us. Now that brick has control over the Glades. The city will be going back to the same way it once was. But, the return of Oliver will be giving us much better surprises than brick’s hostage situations. Adding to that, we will soon find out the truth behind Maseo’s reason to joining the League.


  1. This episode was the pits. Terrible writing (the worst) and I felt so bad for the actors who had to put up with Laurel. They were made to act so OOC. Diggle (our most experienced team member is told to stay and man the comms by Laurel? WTF??? Seriously? Felicity, who last season was prepared to loose Oliver in everyway possible by telling him the truth about Thea’s dad, is now totally OK with helping Laurel to lie to her father (who she likes and gets on with) about Sara, that’s not Felicity. Both Dig & Felicity were dummied down so Laurel can be intergrated into the team. It felt un-natural (just like last weeks Laurel/Diggle hug moment) because we have never seen Laurel have any decent conversation with either except to bark orders (‘Felicity, I need a visual now’ – really) so it doesn’t make sense that Felicity would go to Laurel’s office to talk her into helping when both her & Dig know Sara & Oliver were totally against it & that Quinton would hate it too if he knew on top of the fact that laurel is no-where near trained enough to go up against villain of the month. Yes I know this is tv & a comic story and CW BUT please assuming your audience has a bit of common sence would be nice. Maybe the writers are just filling KC’s contractual obligations. So disappointed.
    Let Laurel grow by all means (in a realistic way) but don’t bring down other characters to do that, (like killing Tommy & Sara & making Dig & Felicity play second fiddle to her.)

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