Arrow Season 3 Episode: A Return to Purgatory

Arrow Season 3 Episode: A Return to Purgatory

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Surprisingly the season three of Arrow has a grip over the audience, with its storyline crossover. As I would like to quote a line from season 1 episode 1, “the Oliver we knew, might not be the one we found” That’s Right. The flashbacks give us a clear idea over Oliver’s transformation in the series. Although we still don’t seem to quite understand how Oliver turned into a ‘A class Killer’, the progress of the character in flashbacks makes it evident that there’s more to the Arrow than we know of it. The transition of Oliver now and Oliver before goes hand in hand with the episode, making it more likely for the characters and audience to bond well to the show.

In the present, Merlyn’s Idea of sending back Oliver and Thea to the island Lian Yu for a training session like never before, speeded up the acquaintance relationship between the siblings. But, it resulted in a backfire to Merlyn himself, as the siblings test, were to defeat the on-the-lost Slade Wilson by Merlyn as an act of lethality.


Back to the flashbacks, we get to witness the main characters personality before season 1 (I would like to call it Zero year) Losing Sara had pushed laurel and Quentin Lance further apart, like wise to Thea with her drug issues. Oliver’s shine over the new profound truth pushed him more away from the city when he finally realised the hidden depths of Robert Queen and his connection with the Glades.

VERDICT: This episode was practically an explainer to Oliver’s decision when he official returned to Starling City. His knowledge over Walter Steele and Moira Queen’s relationship, Thea’s drug abuse, Laurel and Quentin’s aftermath and trusting felicity, although none of the events were destined to happen, the Show has more teasers to keep us on the track. As the promo reveals, we might be seeing Ra’s and Oliver duel much sooner than we anticipated

Don’t miss the next episode of Arrow on Wednesday ‘Nanda Parbat’ @8pm on The CW. Check out a preview below: