Arrow season 3 episode 13 review: Canaries

Arrow season 3 episode 13 review: Canaries

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The Exciting season 3 of Arrow just received another setback with a poor dragging episode, episode 13 was clearly set on Canary’s approval from Ollie, Sara and the innocent Quentin Lance. But, some characters including Laurel finally confessed their long hidden truth (about time). Oliver coming out to Thea as the Arrow could have resulted in another setback in their Sibling relationship. but, Thea’s light over the truth was indeed a shocking yet obvious response towards Ollie’s sacrifice to the city, and an unfortunate backfire to Merlyn’s bond over her.

This Episode was more about recruiting another family member, Thea Queen. As the not-so-innocent thea has already been exposed to the truth of Merlyn, Arrow and the League of Assassin. Ollie prepares to train to take down the “Strongest man that has ever walked the earth”, (With the help of Merlyn of course) although this may have hurt the relationship between Oliver and Felicity. The Show producer have confirmed that their maybe a 50% chance that we may very soon see be exposed to Olicity.

Moreover, This Episode eliminated various teasers that were nail grinding to the audience, naming them would be 1.) The Spy set by Maseo Yamashiro 2.) Oliver shinning the truth about Arrow to Thea  3.) Laurel’s confession about the death of Sara.

Back to the show spoiler, the return of Werner Zytle and Vertigo couldn’t have been anymore meaningless to the current show, bringing back a dead beat villain to help laurel finally understand herself as the Canary was just a drag on to the whole show. But, yet it was eye-opener to the crusade started by Ollie, It wasn’t a solo mission anymore!

So, what do we look forward to in the show?  Although this episode wasn’t very pleasing to the audience, as always the final minute of the episode brings out the best for the next. Oliver and Thea travel to the Purgatory that was once home to the lost arrow to train and face Ra’s al Ghul .but, yet again we will be seeing  a lot of Black Canary and Arsenal in action in the future episodes

Brace yourself, for now !


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