Arrow season 3 episode 12 review: Uprising

Arrow season 3 episode 12 review: Uprising

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Vinne Jones as Brick put up quite a good role in the past episodes although we missed the presence of Arrow in the show.  The showdown of Arsenal and the new Black Canary in the previous episodes gave us an outlook towards the vigilante’s lives without the help of Ollie. Until the last episode, the presumed to be dead arrow’s disappearance in starling city, gave rise to the city thug, Brick. The characters power in the show gave him control over the Glades as it once was, in the hands of thugs.

With the City Police Department backing out, Hopes relied on only few that could keep the city alive. The amateur sidekicks! Although many fans would deny that the last few episodes weren’t as expected, the teaser shots of Ollie’s recovery, made us except the surprising return of Arrow more.

On the other hand, we finally had the chance to discover Malcolm Merlyn’s true identity before he was a member of the league. The long hated Merlyn went through his own reality check, when he discovered the killer of his wife, was truly brick himself. Although the character is still accused for the death of 100s of civilian in the Glades, the scriptwriters have finally shown sympathy towards the role by giving us a look towards Merlyn’s past!

This episode was truly about Merlyn’s recovery from the death of his wife and Oliver’s sacrifice to defeat Ra’s al ghul. The characters go through their own transformation although the supporting characters do not agree with their decisions. As always the ending moments in the episode give out the best of the show, “Only the student has the hope of defeating the master” Meryln and Ollie team up to train and defeat the Demon, Ra’s al ghul.


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